Friday, April 27, 2018

Ares' Back Story

Without fear or remorse, Ares conquers the physical world. The social and spirit realms have long interrupted his focus on the warrior world in which he reigns supreme. The headaches started before he could ride a powerful horse or lift a sword against an enemy. He screamed for hours in a darkened room until his sister, Aphrodite came to him, comforted him, loved him with her body and her beauty. Nightmares are a constant companion and sleep is illusive.

The icon of male sexuality and prowess in battle, has played his war games since childhood, killing eagles by hand, luring playmates into traps from which he would not free them. As night approaches he seeks out a female to relieve his hardened phallus and keep sleep at bay. Only in the light of early morning can he sleep, dosed with wine and herbs.

The terrible headaches feed his virulence in battle and his taste for blood grows strong. Ares secret stays hidden from everyone but Aphrodite. No one can know. His life and destiny depend on it. Sparring for the win in sport and competition keeps him focused on his role - god of war.

Using his sexual powers, he dominates and tethers women to his demands. He pleases himself first and wonders why Aphrodite is unhappy with their relationship. Love of self is the closest he can get to understanding romantic love. The knowledge that he is immortal only adds to his egotistical and arrogant behavior, covering his need to never let his guard down. This makes him unavailable for an intimate love relationship and leaves him alone. Aphrodite is his most complicated and enduring challenge. Fate has joined them forever.


You got to do what you got to do
Kiss me before you go

No death do us part

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Demeter preparing for Persephone's 2017 return?

During the Age of Sisyphus, Demeter, was in charge of the harvest. She loved her little daughter, Persephone and the crops grew high and healthy. As time passed, Persephone grew into a lovely goddess. That's when the trouble started. One day Hades, the king of the underworld, decided to take his three-headed dog out for a chariot ride. When they encountered Persephone, she only laughed and scratched the dogs heads. Hades fell deeply in love, grabbed her and dove deep into the darkest depths of the Underworld.

Hades locked Persephone in a beautifully decorated room in the Hall of Hades, but Persephone refused to eat. She had heard if you ate anything in Hades, you could never leave. Finally, in desperate hunger, Persephone ate six pomegranate seeds; meanwhile, back on earth, Demeter, missed her daughter terribly and the crops were dying. It was clear this could not go on, so Zeus sent his son Hermes to work a deal with Hades. This was the deal Hermes worked out:

If Persephone would marry Hades, she would live as queen of the Underworld for six months each winter. In the spring, Persephone would return to earth and live there for six months. Every spring, Demeter makes sure flowers are blooming and crops are growing and the fields are green with welcome. Every fall, when Persephone returns to the underworld, Demeter ignores the crops and flowers and lets them die. Each spring, Demeter brings everything to life again, ready to welcome her daughter's return.

To the ancient Greeks, that was the reason for seasons - winter, spring, summer, fall.